Horizon offers the ability to develop and deploy proprietary algorithmic trading strategies within the Horizon framework. Clients can run the Horizon algorithms but can also easily script or directly integrate their automation trading strategies, in line with our ‘Trade Your Way’ philosophy.

From basic operations, such as sending orders, to highly sophisticated algorithmic trading strategies, Horizon Platform for Automated Trading automates every action and leverages all the features of the global Horizon Platform: pre-trade safety nets, basket trading, advanced order management, trading automatons, volatility management, pricing, position keeping, hedging, etc.

Horizon can trade across a wide range of structured products (vanilla to exotic), underlying asset classes (from equity to hybrids, and beyond), and product types (futures, options, warrants, CBBCs, In-Line warrants, capital protected products, etc.), and for high volume for each product. A key strength of Horizon is the ability to handle everything on a single platform: from monitoring and managing positions in a single view, to real-time automated trading, with embedded algorithmic capabilities.

Algorithmic trading strategies

Key features

Top benefits

  • Leverage all the features available to build new strategies (Market Making, Position Management, Hedging, etc)
  • Running in the Horizon Platform so you can take benefit of our highly efficient architecture
  • Easily build monitoring dashboards in the Horizon UI
  • Development environment including debugging tools and advanced development features
  • Scripting language based on Scala, fully interoperable with Java™, providing multi-OS support for seamless integration and easy deployment
  • Back-testing and live simulation
  • Reduce time to market when designing a strategy
  • Increase reactivity to market changes
  • Keep proprietary models confidential
  • Make the implementation of any kind of strategy possible
  • Prepared for business growth thanks to the scalability of the platform