With our long experience in the Finance Industry, we know how complex and diverse our clients’ internal frameworks can be. For this reason, we have a fully dedicated integration team that will ensure on every project a smooth and stress free delivery, integration and deployment of our products. This is a delicate phase and each client will have an Integration manager and a dedicated team assigned to his project from the very early stages of the product selection up to the completion of the project.

Local Support

We know that in the Finance Industry, support team reactivity and efficiency is a priority. Horizon’s high quality and responsive support service is provided locally from our offices located in every major financial center. Being close to our clients and users, enables us to better understand their trading activities, product selection and local installations; as well as gathering any specific needs and critical requirements. Our support teams provide very high standards and have the strong business knowledge and technical expertise our clients need.

Specific Developments

Our solutions are complete and easy to install, but since every client may have different needs, we can also provide specific and bespoke developments. Our highly specialized Software Engineers can develop specific modules around our products in order to suit our clients’ needs. We have a strong technical expertise and we know our clients’ business better than anyone.