As the introduction of the RFQ function continues to have an overall positive effect on global markets, traders and brokers will need to ensure they have the capability to interact electronically with RFQs.

Horizon Software provides a system to receive, handle and monitor structured product RFQ requests coming from client email. Trading teams can save time and reduce potential errors.

With the Horizon RFQ automatisation solution:

  • Receive and handle RFQ requests via email
  • Monitor the different statuses and the main characteristics of the RFQs in real-time
  • Price RFQ requests using external pricers (triggered manually or automatically)
  • Generate the according responses 
  • Send the responses by email
Horizon RFQ automation

Key features

Top benefits

  • Incoming RFQs are received and dispatched by email
  • RFQs are displayed, monitored and edited via a unique interface (Sell side interface)
  • Send replies by an email which adopts the clients’ formats, once priced
  • Increased trading process efficiencies
  • Reduce quotation response time increasing clients satisfaction
  • Comply with best-execution obligations (audit trail)
  • Eliminate risk and uncertainty
  • Reduce potential errors by communicating electronically
  • Advanced algo-trading and customisation capabilities with alerts