Increased regulatory complexity, new asset classes and algorithmic trading have transformed the execution landscape. The convergence of key OMS features into the EMS has also brought new technological opportunities for order execution with new strategies. Our EOMS provides real-time multi-asset trading, access to market data and algorithmic trading across multiple liquidity venues enabling dynamic order management.

A global solution for multi-asset order management & execution

The constant evolution of trading strategies creates increased demand for flexibility and customization. Our user-friendly EOMS basket interface manages the execution of hedged baskets for hundreds of basket orders with intuitive strategies. Screen views display the target execution price and percentage of the basket executed, also allowing clients to set simple algo order types such as ‘follow limit’ and icebergs, or more complex ones such as POV.

Our OMS key features are fully integrated into our EMS: create and manage care orders directly from the GUI, receive client orders through FIX and manage them automatically or manually, set up trade allocations (parent/child orders versus execution of a single order), and benefit from the integration of child orders into the algo order server to enhance their execution, in turn aggregating different strategies and options

Embedded algorithmic execution strategies

Child orders are fully integrated within our EOMS benefiting from full algorithm capabilities for optimal execution (VWAP, TWAP, POV, enhanced order types and off-market orders). Or trade your way with the ability to script and run proprietary algorithmic trading strategies.

Horizon also offers integration to a global equity derivatives desk and connects to many execution facilities to create strategies for block trading, and so on.

Key features

Top benefits

  • Integration with algorithm capabilities to enhance child orders’ execution for VWAP, TWAP, POV, enhanced order types and off market orders
  • Advanced derivative OMS features: view option leg strategies within the order dialog and edit the account and position effect per leg
  • Connectivity: FIX and native gateway connectivity for direct market access orders
  • Easily manage care orders for incoming client requests. Receive your client orders through FIX and manage them automatically and manually
  • Combine incoming client parent orders into a single order (master parent). Execute the master parent in one trade by creating a strategy and then allocate post-trade
  • Pre-trade risk management
  • Price and quantity adjustments
  • Bust trades to cancel reported executions
  • Trade report / block trades
  • Other key features include real-time position monitoring (customer portfolio, error portfolio), product mapping (execution on different instruments over different boards), fast mouse trading and keyboard shortcuts, advanced audit trail and teamwork management (ticket assignment) …
  • Efficient multi-asset monitoring and multi-client orders
  • Smart derivatives execution management with embedded algos
  • High-level behavior customization with scripting modules to allow for the design of new features and to detect patterns using customized actions and alert triggers
  • Easy integration with rich APIs (SOA, testing tools), based on Scala, so our clients can easily run their own algorithms
  • User-friendly GUI with advanced customization features
  • Market connectivity to over 150 exchanges worldwide