Handling latency and volume is crucial to gaining competitive advantage. Horizon Connect gateways provide global exchange connectivity to market players ranging from latency-sensitive financial institutions to large market-makers seeking high-throughput trading systems. Horizon Software’s products are ready to be used out-of-the-box and are based on a flexible architecture that enables customisation of the software to satisfy specific needs and requirements.

Our execution gateway provides all exchange transactional features to trading applications through an easy to use low-latency API or through standard FIX protocol.

  • Order maintenance
  • Rule-based order tagging and routing
  • Mass quote maintenance
  • Block trading
  • OTC trade reporting
  • Strategy creation
  • Drop copy & trade capture
  • Market-maker protection
  • Audit
  • Pre-trade risk management
  • Smart order routing

Download the list of Exchanges and Brokers covered. (new venues are regularly added).

Key features

Top benefits

  • Connectivity: FIX and native gateway connectivity for direct market access orders
  • Market data sent to trading applications via an easy to use low-latency API or via the ultra-fast FIX over Simple Binary Encoding (FIX/SBE) protocol.
  • Access to a wide variety of real-time data (Exchange referential data, including intraday strategy creation , real-time market data level 1 with full tick -if available, full-depth exchange feed, RFQ reception)
  • Access to 150 exchange markets worldwide
  • Exchange-certified gateways
  • High performance: ultra-low latency and scalability via innovative techniques
  • Worldwide exchange and MTF coverage
  • FIX connectivity & low-latency API
  • Interoperability with third-party vendors
  • Horizon provides integration services to proprietary trading systems