Execution Algorithms


Horizon offers unique capabilities in automated trading to its already market-leading solution with sophisticated execution algos. Clients use execution algorithms to efficiently time trades and instantly benefit from significant price changes. Our software offers a single platform to embed custom algorithmic strategies. Horizon is uniquely positioned on the automated trading market by its very flexible algo framework offer that allows traders to “trade their way” or benefit from an advanced set of execution algorithms based on our strong expertise in algo-trading.

Horizon Software currently automates sophisticated trading strategies for the execution of large orders with the TWAP (Time-weighted average price), VWAP (Volume weighted average price) and POV (Percentage of Volume) algorithms.

Horizon’s execution algos come with securities, not to participate more that a percentage, and with strategies to improve the execution, e.g. participate more aggressively only when at advantage, and with securities, e.g. not to participate more than a percentage of the market volume.

execution algorithms

Key features

Top benefits

  • Fully integrated within the Horizon Platform
  • Advanced strategies to improve the execution
  • Embedded securities
  • Monitoring dashboard with to assess the quality of the execution
  • No “black-box”: Automated decisions are audited
  • Back-testing and real-time simulation
  • Out of the box trading strategies included in the platform
  • Keep proprietary models confidential
  • Reduce time-to-market when designing a strategy
  • Make the implementation of any kind of strategy possible while keeping the scripting process fluid
  • Prepared for business growth thanks to the scalability of the platform
  • Monitoring of real-time P&L and risk