Horizon Portfolio Manager is a portfolio management solution designed for fund managers. This solution automates the operating process, reduces related risk and provides a centralized database for managing financial information such as positions, transactions, prices and security data. The solution meets new regulation requirements that impose the broadcasting of transparent and reliable information.

Horizon Portfolio Manager aims to cover the majority of assets and responds to the needs of every user in the asset management company. This solution is a complete service, as Horizon Software commits to implementing the system and ensuring its operation.

Portfolio Management

Portfolio report generation that facilitates decision making:

  • Position keeping and NAV calculation
  • Asset allocation and market exposure
  • Detailed portfolio reports on specific criteria (sector, geography, rating, etc.)
  • Cash projection forecasting
  • Report export in different formats: Excel®, PDF, Blackberry, etc.

Back/Middle-Office Workflow

Day-to-day management of the back-office and middle-office activity:

  • Trade workflow monitoring
  • Trade reconciliation
  • External input control to guarantee the quality of the flow integration
  • Central database management system with referential and administration management

Trade Generation

Trade life cycle follow-up with:

  • Monitoring with instant trade progress overview
  • Basket order trade generation for a list of portfolios or pre-defined group of portfolios
  • Order Management System (OMS)
  • Customized trade status (defined by the client, e.g. “non executed”, “executed” or “confirmed”)

Audit & Compliance

Control and regulation compliance definition:

  • Full audit trail by period, data type, user profile and actions with stamps
  • User rights management
  • Rule generation with unlimited rules monitor
  • Compliance reports



  • Improves the quality and security of the entire asset management process
  • Industrializes the global workflow
  • Contributes to reaching institutional standards requirements
  • Is efficient in the management, computation and visibility of funds management
  • Saves time in each function in the asset management company
  • Can be customized to fit specific customer needs
  • Is a complete service, as Horizon Software is responsible for implementing the system and ensuring its operation


  • Real-time pricing
  • End-of-day processing
  • User rights management strategy
  • Full audit trail by period, data type, user profile and action with stamps
  • Customized display depending on the business strategy
  • Client-driven solution
  • Multiple input: External portfolio data/any other source
  • Multiple output: Portfolio reports on multiple criteria