Developed in close collaboration with asset management key players, Horizon Distrib is the ideal fund distribution solution. Horizon Distrib is designed primarily for the financial flow management between investors, fund providers and distributors, especially when it comes to handling asset-based fees (front-end load, back-end load and trailer fees). The solution is best suited for complex distribution rules involving an important number of players.

Horizon Distrib is adapted to fund providers, distributors, pension funds and life insurance funds.

Monitoring fund distribution

Purpose is to have a centralized and a full view of partner’s activity:

  • Subscription/Redemption Management,
  • Distribution network traceability,
  • Synthetic partner activity view.

Managing Assets Manager and Distributors Agreements

A way to manage, monitor and optimize partners relationship over:

  • CRM module,
  • Analytics Partners pivot table tools,
  • Distribution networks (platforms, partners, transfer agent, custodians and administrators).

Positions and Rebates Engines

Mastering and enhance your positions and rebates:

  • Central and synthetic agreements overview for both positions management and rebates calculations;
  • Standard and shared positions/rebates calculation methods, rebates grids and rates.

Mastering Datas

All information is managed in our data warehouse. Easily accessible and monitored, information are centralized and secured by the users’ access rights management module.

Time Profits

To merge into your business process and organization, each incoming and outgoing stream can be fully or partially automated. Alert can be raised and recurrent business tasks can be scheduled.

Open system

Horizon Distrib is an open system. Its referential can be connected to other information systems in order to be internal referential policy compliant. Exporting data tools will allow you to synchronize with external systems such as extranet or CRM.


Depending on business, HorizonDistrib is able to manage different asset classes (ucits, equities). Currently HorizonDistrib is managing in production environment diversified business such as life Insurance, pension funds, classic asset management, capital increase, … The Software flexibility offers you a way to manage your past, present and future business.


  • Saves time and reduces operating costs
  • Increases brand recognition
  • Contributes to the efficiency in the management, computation and visibility of funds distribution
  • Provides a facilitated learning process through a user-friendly and intuitive user interface
  • Offers high customization capabilities to fit specific customer needs
  • Controls the fund distribution activity
  • Generates invoicing


  • Fund distribution follow-up
  • Position and fee calculation
  • Dynamic reporting
  • Asset Manager/Distributor Agreement Management
  • Reconciliation
  • Billing & invoicing