Paris – 23 April 2012 – Horizon Software, a leading provider of low-latency trading and market making solutions, today announced the extension of cats core products coverage by launching cats-ls access. By adding cats-ls support to the already existing cats-os connection, Horizon Market Maker is now providing complete access to cats core products.

cats is operated by Citigroup Global Markets Deutschland AG; it allows clients of online retail brokers and asset managers to interact with product issuers and market makers; bi-lateral off-exchange trades of listed or unlisted products are available in an STP environment.

Horizon Market Maker already provided access to cats-os, allowing manual or automatic management of request for quote on multiple asset classes across Europe.

The cats-ls connection now enables Horizon Market Marker to manage continuous indicative quoting and request for execution, therefore meeting clients’ growing needs on order driven trading and trade information.

“Market access has always been a priority here at Horizon Software. We cover over 25 major electronic Exchanges across the world and a dedicated team in our division Horizon Connect constantly develops new market connectivity. We are now proud to provide complete access to cats core product” said Jean-Marc Delfarguiel, CEO of Horizon Software.

The workflow capabilities of Horizon Market Maker seamlessly integrate specificities of cats-ls venue, and capitalize on the experience obtained from cats-os connectivity.

In addition to cats-os, cats-ls market maker connectivity provides the following features:

Live streaming of price spreads to cats engine
Automatic or manual answer to request for quotes, according to market maker business logic, upon client order reception.
Real-time status of animated securities
New trade workflows, via partial executions and fill-or-kill trading
Horizon Market Maker is designed for Sales and Traders to quote derivative products on listed markets, quoting platforms or on Web sites. This complete solution enables teams around the world to handle thousands of products in real-time via a global architecture.