Paris – 9 June 2009 – Horizon Software, global provider of technology for the financial industry, has detected strong opportunities of business in Asia and has announced late 2008 the opening of a branch in Japan. Today, Horizon Software is pleased to announce that the Tokyo office is already expanding in order to manage the growing business.

“We are glad to announce that we have recently signed new contracts for our front-office solution in Japan. Our products are widely recognized for their advanced technology, their strong performances and their unique flexibility. These new contracts will help us to reach our goal, which is to become a global provider of the most advanced and adaptable software solutions for finance. This will allow us to succeed in our business with each and every client, wherever they are based. ” declared Jean-Marc Delfarguiel, CEO of the Company.

“At Horizon Software, we don’t hesitate to invest enormous resources in Research and Development to adequately respond to our clients’ specific requirements. We are expanding our Tokyo office in order to be focused on the three main concerns of the finance industry: speed, reliability and flexibility” says Sylvain Thieullent, Global Sales Director “and in order to provide support to our clients with local knowledgeable support staff able to resolve all issues in a timely manner”.

At Horizon Software believes that this growing business in Asia is just at the beginning.