Paris – 18 August 2009 – Horizon Software has announced a new module has been added to Horizon Market Maker: Internal Market, which replicates the main features of today’s exchanges, and on which you can list your own products (securities or OTC contracts) and animate market for you retail customers.

Internal Market solution for a retail trading platform can be implemented through the following typical architecture:

Internal Market core: the market itself, which is plugged to Horizon Market Maker like any regular market. Therefore, it can be accessed via FIX or our internal protocol (IMC). Internal Market can be configured so that only customers see Market Maker orders and therefore trade with it only.
Internal Market Administration Desktop: to monitor and administrate the Internal Market, which fully integrates with Horizon Market Maker GUI: Horizon Trader. Administration functions cover features like process follow-up, hot back-up, users’ habilitation, listed instrument management, orders update, monitoring of market statistics, measure of latency, reporting features.
A web interface, dedicated to clients and sales, in which they can access market data (prices, executions), and click and trade: either by sending requests for quotes or orders.