14 July 2017, Paris, Bangkok, Hanoi: Horizon Software (Horizon), the leading global provider of electronic trading and investment management technology, today announces new features and roadmap of its OMS for Institutional brokerage, which is used by clients since 2013.

The recent improvements are Scalability to support over 100,000 DMA intraday orders, adding VSOT (Vwap Since Order Time) allowing dealers to benchmark their order performance against the market performance, custom developments to cater buysides specific needs like ability to convert MARKET order to ATO/ATC orders, and FIXATDL support allowing buysides to trigger custom algos from their frontend.

Ekaluck Chaiyaporn, ASEAN Sales Director at Horizon, said: “We got good feedbacks from our existing customers including friendly and efficient GUI, allowing quick order entry, flexibility of execution and report management: real time, manual, attach and detach child orders.”

“We have more features to come in our roadmap, such as: ergonomic improvements to fully support blocktrading, adding more execution algos to the catalog and ability to upload offline orders via Excel.” he added.

Ekaluck also mentioned, “On the other hand, clients recognize there are other non-technical advantages to work with Horizon, because operating at the APAC level. We get to meet and work closely with different players in the regional ecosystem which allow us to follow the trends regarding what buysides need and value, to know what challenges brokers are facing, market specificities and regulations. We are able to connect the dots, anticipate the gaps and even introduce buysides with local brokers and exchanges.”