Paris – 12 January 2010 – Designed for market makers and high-frequency derivative traders, Horizon Market Maker enriches its functional scope by integrating advanced basket trading features.

Horizon Basket Trading allows traders to manage baskets as if they were a single instrument. The module is a multi-exchange, multi-currency trading tool that enables to prepare, send and manage basket execution with unrivalled efficiency.

Its core functionalities provide traders with the ability to:

  • Create baskets on the fly or by importing different file formats and manage a library of pre-defined baskets
  • Manage several compositions for a given index
  • Enter baskets in quantity or in consideration
  • Assess the price and the executed quantity of a basket before sending it by using pre-trade TCA features
  • Define the priority of orders that will be sent to the exchange
  • Implement advanced strategies to manage auctions for cross-market baskets
  • Use the Horizon Scenario Order Server to send advanced order types (iceberg, ghost, peg, etc.)
  • Create smart templates and scenarios that can be applied in one click
  • Follow the execution of baskets as a whole while obtaining details by leg, market depth, exchange, currency, etc.
  • Quickly modify the limits of a whole basket or of selected orders (by exchange, side, currency, etc.)
  • Use inline editing to quickly amend an order that is already on the market
  • Unwind and reverse a basket
  • Automatically generate baskets to handle tracking errors generated by leg quantity rounding

The user-friendliness of the graphical user interface guarantees that relevant information is instantly made available to the user. Coupled with Horizon’s ultra-low latency gateways, Horizon Basket Trading is the ultimate tool for traders involved in basket trading.