Horizon Software (Horizon), the world’s leading provider of electronic trading solutions and algorithmic technology, announced today the appointment of Francis Leclerc as Regional Manager for North America. Bringing over 20 years of experience in investment banking, Leclerc spent the last five years in Société Générale. In his new role he will head Horizon’s North American office as the company continues to deliver on its aggressive strategy of expansion. With a significant investment by Capzanine announced in June, new partnerships, award wins and new clients, Horizon’s exceptional growth continues. Having further extended its exchange connectivity, Horizon made the logical choice to establish itself in North America to add to its fast-growing presence in global markets.

Sylvain Thieullent, CEO of Horizon, said: “I am looking forward to welcoming Francis back to Horizon to ensure that our strategy of expansion in North America progresses smoothly. With his experience of working in multinationals in Paris, London, Asia and Canada, combined with his deep knowledge of software development for front and back offices, I am confident that Francis is ideally-positioned to continue supporting our international success by leading our North American operations.”

Having developed applications for equity finance and prime brokerage in his previous position at Société Générale, Leclerc’s experience and expertise will be invaluable in the new role. Leclerc spent eight years prior to this with Horizon, where he played a key role in establishing the company’s presence in Thailand in 2008, contributing to Horizon’s commercial development and success in Asia. With his credentials in software development, financial engineering and business analysis as well as a keen interest in equity derivatives, he is certain to be a valuable resource for Horizon’s clients and prospects in the North American region.

Leclerc added: “Horizon has been successful since its launch two decades ago, with exceptional global growth and an ever-increasing number of financial institutions around the world choosing its technology. I am delighted to come back to work with such an effective team of specialists dedicated to giving our clients the best technology and service.”

Horizon focuses on all trading businesses related to listed markets, including delta-one, structured products and options market making and trading for multiple business entities (proprietary firms/market making/agency trading). Its system covers multiple asset classes including Options, Futures, ETFs, CFDs, Warrants, Fixed Income, Commodities and Equities.