Pre-trade Risk & Compliance

Control Your Risk from Entry to Execution

Our Execution Gateway fulfils the requirements to manage pre-trade risk effectively, and order to minimize your exposure to clients’ liabilities.


Here is an extract of the rules that can be applied on all or a selection of transactions going through our Execution Gateway:

  • Delta Position
  • Account Margin
  • Transaction Amount
  • Position in Amount
  • Price Variation
  • Credit Line
  • Position in Quantity
  • Quantity
  • Cumulative Amount
  • Cumulative Quantity
  • SEC Rule 15c3-5
  • Transactions
  • Validate quantity from a percentage of current volume
  • Vega Position
  • Short sell blocking, tagging and slicing
  • Self-matching prevention


  • Exchange-certified gateways
  • Worldwide exchange and MTF coverage
  • FIX connectivity & low-latency API
  • Interoperability with third-party vendors
  • Open architecture to easily integrate new business requirements