10 November
14:00 London / 15:00 Paris / 09:00 New York / 22:00 Singapore/Hong Kong

ETFs are big business in the US and growing in popularity in Europe and Asia. For futures traders, hedge funds and asset managers they provide an alternative option to futures in certain market conditions and for certain trading intentions.

This webinar will explore the reasons behind the recent growth in ETFs in Europe, ask when futures traders should look to ETFs as an option and what the potential is for the growth of ETFs across Europe and Asia.

Register to learn:

  • What is behind the recent growth of ETF trading in Europe?
  • How can futures traders, hedge funds and asset managers use ETFs in their portfolio?
  • What are the key differences to consider when choosing ETFs against futures?
  • What market conditions and trading strategies lend themselves to ETFs?


– Luke Jeffs, Editor, FOW Group

– David Stringer, Global Equity Finance, UBS
– Sylvain Thieullent, CEO, Horizon Software
– Rick van Leeuwen, Executive Director Capital Markets, Source UK