Our ESG approach: incorporating governance principles that drive our daily business and long-term strategy


Risk management and anti-corruption: for a transparent financial ecosystem

We provide our clients with a technology platform that enables a full audit trail on all performed trading transactions, 24/7. Horizon manages the full life-cycle of its clients’ orders by giving access to full transparency, from data recording to more advanced audit trail capabilities. We at Horizon believe in a transparent trading ecosystem, from orders’ tracking up to performance and data analysis. The automation of trading activities along with recent regulation such as MiFID II has led to improved business controls. We are committed to provide strong audit trails on historical transaction data, internal audit compliance, pre- and post-trade compliance, and sophisticated strategies like algorithmic trading.

Our employee’s commitment to solidarity and social impact

At Horizon we hire committed and passionate people who care. Our commitment starts in our own offices. We help them participate in charitable activities that contribute to the welfare of the communities where the firm operates. Therefore, we partner with charitable organizations, make donations, and connect our employees with volunteer opportunities to better serve local communities. We encourage team-building activities in a responsible manner and contribute to corporate events that are impactful where we operate business.

We adhere to sustainable and green business codes of conduct

We promote sustainability by recycling and adopting a paper-less approach in all our offices. We significantly reduce travels between our different locations by promoting teams’ interactions and client’s meetings using online collaborative tools. We are trying to reduce energy consumption with smart and responsible IT hosting solutions. Since 2003, we have been working with the hosting company OVH which has constantly been reducing the energy consumption of its data centers, particularly by designing an exclusive liquid cooling system for its servers, thus eliminating air conditioning.


Horizon regularly reviews its ESG progress with a dedicated ESG internal team reporting to the board committee.