Horizon Automated Trader

Horizon Alo Trader

Horizon Automated Trader is a flexible and robust high frequency trading solution that enables buy-side and sell-side institutions to develop and deploy proprietary algorithmic trading strategies within their EMS.

From basic operations, such as sending orders, to highly sophisticated algorithmic trading strategies, Horizon Automated Trader automates every action and leverages all the features of the Horizon Software suite: pre-trade safety nets, basket trading, advanced order management, trading automatons, volatility management, pricing, position keeping, hedging, etc.

Horizon Automated Trader handles cross-asset and cross-product trading strategies on cash and derivatives markets. This event-driven solution is the perfect choice for high frequency trading and low-latency algorithmic trading.



Horizon Automated Trader is designed to offer maximum flexibility and availability at all levels. Proprietary trading algorithms run indifferently in client or server mode. Scripts can be developed, tested and run locally or deployed on an EMS server for improved performance and shared access.


Custom Streams
Selected data from internal and external sources can be combined into custom streams through an intuitive graphical interface. Custom streams are business-oriented feeds that contain only the information needed by the algorithms.

Complex Event Processing (CEP)
The CEP engine analyzes custom streams in real-time.  When a user-defined pattern is detected, the CEP engine  triggers specific actions such as alerts, macros or trading  agents.
Trading Agents
Trading agents can be programmed to perform any proprietary trading operation and react autonomously to market events. This allows your EMS an accurate reproduction and execution of proprietary trading models.


Horizon Automated Trader is designed from the ground up to offer maximum flexibility while keeping the scripting process easy and  fluid. Scripting in Horizon Automated Trader is based on Scala, a concise, elegant object-oriented and functionnal programming language. Scala is fully interoperable with Java™ and runs on the JVM, providing multi-OS support for seamless integration and easy deployment. Scala is the smart choice for a robust high frequency trading solution.

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