Warrants Trading

Horizon Platform for Warrants Trading manages any kind of securities products issued by the bank. This includes warrants, barriers products like CBBCs, but also any investment or leverage vehicles (products). The platform manages the trading life cycle of structured products. It is especially useful when adjusting the margins according to the strategies defined by the business.

The automatic quoting features are adaptable to any kind of advanced business logic (size quoting and refill, spread, depth quoting). However, market making activities are secured to prevent automaton counterpart through some semi-manual quoting. Anti-arbitrage features like anti spot manipulation or specific spot scheduling are also available. Moreover, market making strategies take into account the market behavior via some special fast market features.

Quoting strategies are built in to prevent short selling and to manage the remaining stocks. For highly complex products, the external price cache avoiding heavy integration tasks is available to value the product with the user’s libraries. For volatility products, several volatilities can be defined according to the business targets or to the organization of the bank. It is possible to trigger some arbitrage strategies on competitors’ products by monitoring the flow of those products.

Warrants Trading Platform-Horizon Software

Position and Risk Management

The risk associated to the trade is monitored in real time by one of the views specifically designed for the purpose. Sophisticated hedging strategies can be defined by the trader. Risk analysis and shocks scenarios are also part of the tools available to manage the risk better.

Warrants Trading Software-Horizon Software

Huge volume

Additional packages are available to handle thousands of products quoted simultaneously on different venues including internal exchange, dark pool or corporate website.

Horizon Platform for Warrants Trading can benefit from Horizon’s algorithmic trading system. Proprietary trading algorithms can be developed, tested and deployed for improved performance.


  • Integrate with Horizon Platform including Horizon’s algorithmic trading system
  • Customize the Spot computation using variables and validation formulas
  • Avoid arbitrage with anti-gaming feature
  • Improve Market Making strategies with cautious level management and scheduling
  • Comply with complex Exchange spread rules through fast spread adjustment and cautious levels
  • Optimize the market taking through effective user interface modules and electronic eyes
  • Easily create the structured products to be issued
  • Manually quote some illiquid or complex structured products
  • Save quant costs using Horizon Quant library to price Structured products with common models
  • Manage and simulate the derivative position risk with different variables such as Spot and Volatility in a matrix
  • Hedge the position manually or automatically with customizable behavior


  • Quote or Orders Market Making
  • Market Making Performance monitoring
  • Fixed Volatility quoting with manual management
  • Fast Execution features for options through mouse, ladder view and algorithmic trading orders
  • Barrier product management (CBBC)
  • OTC trades
  • Fully integrate with algorithmic trading solution Automated Trader for proprietary trading strategy customization
  • Excel link to provide real time system and market data