DeltaOne Trading

Horizon Platform for DeltaOne Trading allows trading of baskets, delta-1 derivatives or pair trading strategies. This EMS module targets activities such as trading and market making for cash / future / ETF or CFD. Arbitrage strategies based on mean reversion or correlation / index arbitrage are also available.

Horizon’s EMS user interface is comprehensive enough to setup thousands of strategies such as correlation between the pair instruments using customized spots, forex rates and validation formulas. The automaton parameters are simple and intuitive. Added-value approaches are pre-implemented such as theoretical, friendly or aggressive behaviors which allow dynamic orders to follow the market. Margins or cautious levels are manually manageable, at the same time, Horizon Platform for DeltaOne Trading system automatically handles anti-arbitrage shifts and spike detections.

Position management is easy and automatic. Manual Hedge strategies can be set, including stop-loss feature to prevent missing hedge opportunities.

Basket Trading:

Basket feature allows traders to create their own basket composed of specific legs and weights in order to replicate or create an index. Priced in real time, the basket can be used as a spot to compute the delta one product theoretical price.

The EMS Basket Feature is a user friendly interface that manages the execution of the hedged basket for up to hundreds of basket orders with intuitive strategies. The view displays the target execution price and percentage of the basket executed; it also allows setting algo order types such as follow limit, icebergs…

Horizon - DeltaOne Trading

Futures and ETF Market Making:

Horizon Platform for DeltaOne Trading fully supports the life cycle of ETF products, from issuance to market making and position hedge. The same feature is used by Futures market makers who can set their basis from Horizon screen or from Excel direct link. Issuers or market makers can quote on multiple depths and manages their spread to respect the Exchange requirements.

Once the future or ETF is executed, the system automatically hedges the delta using the strategy set to help to maintain the market making strategy risk free.

Pair and Index Arbitrage:

Pair and Index Arbitrage strategies are available through the hitter mode. It seizes market opportunities and hedge smartly. For bespoke Arbitrage strategies, the Horizon’s algorithmic trading system suits perfectly the trader requirements.

Horizon Platform for DeltaOne Trading can benefit from Horizon’s algorithmic trading system. Proprietary trading algorithms can be developed, tested and deployed for improved performance.

Horizon - DeltaOne Trading


  • Manage easily the ration / correlation between pair’s instruments
  • Customize and validate through formulas the Spot
  • Improve Delta One Market Making strategies with cautious level management, depth quoting and scheduling
  • Avoid arbitrage with anti-gaming feature
  • Simulate the strategy before starting the automaton
  • Optimize the arbitrage strategies through electronic eyes and effective user interface modules
  • Hedge manually or automatically the position with customizable behavior and stop loss setting
  • Monitor real-time PnL and risk
  • Save costs using the same platform for the Delta One or proprietary trading desk various businesses.
  • Integrate with Horizon Platform including Horizon’s algorithmic trading system


  • Fast Execution features through mouse, ladder view and algorithmic trading orders
  • Quote or Orders Market Making with aggression throttle
  • Index Arbitrage Management with customized basket pricing module
  • Comprehensive Basket Trading view with Algo orders (iceberg, follow limit, stop loss)
  • Spike and fast market detection
  • Fully integrate with Automated Trader / Scripting modules for strategy customization
  • Excel link to provide real time system and market data but also to set parameters or create Baskets definitions