Agency Trading

For brokerage houses, Horizon Platform for Agency Trading enables dealing desks to handle from multiple customers through various media such as FIX, phone, files or other protocols using one single OMS platform connected to multiple cash and derivatives execution venues. Horizon Platform for Agency Trading provides the ability to manage care orders as well as phone, DMA, and algo orders from the acknowledgment of the order to the reporting. Horizon Platform for Agency Trading also manages multi-level account and commission, automatic or manual reporting tools and adjustment features to fulfill customers’ requests. Horizon Platform for Agency Trading is based on the global Horizon Platform which is a multi-markets, multi-exchanges, cross-assets order entry and EMS that enables trades of a variety of instruments and markets through a unique, consistent interface. The OMS user interface allows customization of workspaces in order to suit individual needs and preferences in order to create the most intuitive and adapted front end. The traders’ workspace simultaneously manages multiple windows without difficulty.

Horizon - Agency Trading

Institutional brokerage: Horizon Platform for Agency Trading can integrate with customer platform through connection and allows the Institutional business to work customer orders according to the instructions through manual or Algo executions and to manage the team work between sales and dealers. Retail brokerage: Horizon Platform for Agency Trading fits the Retail Brokerage business with a wide range of account types and the ability to run for huge trading floors with retail oriented market-data screens. It can also integrate with Internet Applications through a low-latency trading gateway as well as middle and back office.


  • Integrate with your customer platform through FIX (drop copies, inbound and outbound)
  • Reduce your costs with a single OMS platform for multiple customers and execution venues
  • Propose low-latency and high-performance trading platform to your algorithmic trading customers
  • Improve the global EMS performance with Horizon UI fast order entry features
  • Manage your customer instructions with manual orders or proprietary trading Algo models
  • Adjust your customer expectations adjustments, bust trade or auto-manual reporting
  • Execute your customer order on one instrument on different Exchanges, Board or Dark pools
  • Monitor your customer position, PnL and adjustments in a multi currency environment
  • Improve the real time communication between Trader, Sales and customer
  • Optimize the execution price over different execution venues thanks to Smart Order Routing (SOR)


  • Fully integrate with Horizon’s multi asset trading suite including algorithmic trading solution
  • Connect to your customer through FIX connectivity
  • Benefit from Native Market gateway low-latency performance
  • Handle Direct Market Access orders
  • Manage Care Orders and Basket workflow
  • Use Standard Execution Algorithmic trading Orders as VWAP, TWAP, POV, icebergs, Stops, OCO, multi legs
  • Enjoy Horizon Platform abilities and customization OR Send order in a minimum number of clicks or keystrokes thanks to an efficient interface
  • Monitor all essential data required for customer and instrument in one view
  • Manage Audit and Pre Trade Risk to comply with internal and external compliance