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degrade A true cross asset electronic platform for principal and agency trading

Solution Overview: a true cross asset electronic platform for principal and agency trading

At the heart of our differentiating skills, the Horizon trading platform brings together the equity, currency, commodities and derivatives capabilities to provide principal and agency traders with a single multi-asset market solutions approach.

Key features

  • A proven market making solution for options, warrants, futures, ETFs and FX.
  • Algo framework to run and script clients’ algos and integrate Horizon’s vol and dispersion algos as well as back- and stress-testing
  • Execution & Order Management multi-asset solution with embedded algo execution strategies
  • Pricing integration, position and risk analysis
  • Managed Services: hosting, hardware and application management

Top benefits

  • Leverage market-making
  • Compliance and reporting
  • Innovation with algo and AI trading strategies
  • Focus on added-value tasks
  • Timely and smarter execution

Managed & Hosted Services: agility, continuous improvement and cost efficiencies


Horizon offers an opportunity to enhance delivery capabilities whilst continuing to reduce the fixed cost base by outsourcing trading functions.

Key features

  • Hosting: high performance hosting with the possibility of exchange colocation
  • Hardware management: monitoring hardware and connections with the exchanges
  • Application management: installation, configuration and platform upgrades
  • Support to end users: 24/5 support teams ensure that the platform is always ready when required

Top benefits

  • Cost saving and simplified setup
  • Peace of mind: hosted in secure data centers
  • Reliability and business continuity
  • Improved efficiency of the internal technological team
  • Agility


In a world of constant change, financial institutions must rely on innovation to adapt steadily to new trading opportunities, new regulation or new markets. Our mission is to make sure that our clients cope with change with a short time to market. Horizon Software focuses on all trading businesses related to listed markets such as delta-one, structured products, cash and options market making & trading. Thanks to the combination of a complete offer of native trading functionalities and sophisticated algorithmic capabilities within the application, our clients create, test and implement automated strategies within incredibly short timescales: they trade the way they really want. This – Trade your Way – is our philosophy.


Significant increase in derivatives trading, income from trading on the rise, shift in business strategies, stronger regulatory and political frameworks: Exchanges have adopted more technology and software services in the past years than ever before. Horizon offers highly performing pricing and trading solutions dedicated to banks, Exchanges and brokers. Horizon is unique in bringing advanced algorithmic capabilities within a fully customizable trading solution that provides advanced trading technology to 90 clients and connectivity to over 150 Exchanges worldwide. Horizon benefits from a proven, long lasting experience in supporting various Stock Exchanges. Historically, Horizon has designed its pricing and trading platform through strategic partnerships with major Exchanges, where both technology and services were customized to serve specific requirements such as real-time pricing, especially options pricing solutions. Horizon offers the hybrid approach of providing industry-standard trading and pricing infrastructure, combined with customization capability. 

  • Real-time interpolation of market data
  • Fully automated logic to price illiquid products
  • Pricing and anti-arbitrage checks
  • Settlement prices
  • Integration and provision of a scripting environment to easily build custom logic while keeping code confidential

Typical use case for one main Pan-European Exchange:

  • Quoting of 70,000 instruments
  • Futures and Options
  • Over 300 million messages per day sent from Horizon Platform
  • 40 users
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