London – 13 November 2009 – Horizon Software is proud to announce the release of its new system Horizon Delta One Trader.

In such a specialised business as Delta One trading, users need to work with software that provide a broad range of tools to track and exploit every price movement.

Horizon Delta One Trader is based on Horizon Trader, an Execution Management System (EMS) offering low- latency market access and a wide range of mouse trading features.

Beyond the regular trading features, Horizon Delta One Trader focuses on powerful trading of Delta One products enabling:

Simultaneous trading of instrument pairs (Pairs Trading).
Automatic trading of Delta One hedging instruments (ETF, certificates) in futures or baskets.
Horizon Delta One Trader’s user-friendly interface makes it possible for traders to configure relationships between the traded Delta One instrument and futures, baskets, stocks, forex rates, etc. The system can then automatically hit the market on the Delta One product hedging with simple instruments (futures, stocks) or baskets.

The benefit of Horizon Delta One Trader is the short reaction time, allowing traders to take advantage of arbitrage opportunities on Delta One instruments. For the fastest of traders, very simple strategies can be set up to arbitrate Delta One issuers.