• Francis Leclerc-Horizon Software

Just about managing: How cloud can help boost trading profits

By Francis Leclerc, Head Of Americas- Although revenues have jumped from the spike in trading activity, it’s been a tough environment for trading in recent years. Margins have been squeezed across the board to the extent that some major investment banks are completely withdrawing from certain asset classes upon discovering they are not making a

White Paper: 21 months on, what benefits and business opportunities for the Capital Markets industry?

MiFID II is not just a compliance exercise. There are major business implications that could bring technology opportunities and competitive advantage for those who start to plan in advance. It is therefore important to stay up to date, and Horizon's white paper on what these new opportunities might be aims to bring you the latest news on this major regulation

The Polish “golden age” of derivatives market making

By Damien Jenner, Managing Director & Fixed Income Product Owner at Horizon Software- Despite the current global economic slow-down, Poland stands out as a European growth champion. Poland is one of the fatest-growing large economy among large countries at a similar level of development. With an ongoing rate of high growth averaging 4.2% per year

Fixed income trading: the pace of technology adoption is speeding up

By Damien Jenner, Managing Director & Fixed Income Product Owner at Horizon Software- Fixed income trading desks should experience significant transformation in 2019, facing an increasing electronification. The fixed income industry has only recently adopted technological transformation when the equity markets started to use IT platforms decades ago. A vast majority of trading operations are

Custom electronic trading software versus out-of-the-box, what’s best?

By Jean-Baptiste Sterlin, Product Owner at Horizon Software- When choosing the perfect trading software for your business, there are many different points to consider. Deciding whether to select custom development or an out-of-the-box solution is a great start, but how do you decide which one to choose? Part of your decision-making process will, of course,