About Horizon Software

Established in 1998, Horizon software has set up offices in Paris, Hong-Kong, London, New-York and Bangkok. Our solutions are supported by local experts in each region. 

Designed by the very best experts in Finance and IT, Horizon Software offers software solutions and professional services to financial institutions all over the world. Horizon Software has an excellent track record and proven experience within the fast-moving capital market industry. Our product suites cover a wide range of needs on cash and derivatives market, from execution management to market making and systematic trading.


Our people

Horizon Software teams bring technical skills and strong knowledge in capital market solutions. Particularly, Horizon Software teams are:

  • Dedicated to deliver: Starting a project, the full picture is always targeted. It implies delivering complete solution rather just software. Our involvement goes beyond the technical aspects in order to seize the clients’ expectations.
  • Proactive: we like people thinking outside the box and understanding the environment. We value personal initiatives of each individual to pick tasks to move forward.
  • Talented: our projects and priorities change as fast as the reshaping of the industry or the technology.  Willingness to learn and to adapt to this changing environment is extremely valued. 


Our vision

Since the establishment of Horizon Software, our product has evolved from a simple single-asset trading platform to an advanced product suite. We now target multi-asset trading across global markets at a very competitive price. Horizon software is committed to providing cutting edge technology through extensive R&D.  Our history has shown that leveraging latest technologies is key to ensuring our customers success:

Cross-Asset and multi-businesses solutions:

Trading strategies can make sense on several assets but an increasing number of them makes sense only if it can be applied on several assets or type of instruments. Horizon Software has a strong background in equity and derivatives markets and leverages this knowledge for other assets. Horizon Software intends to make sure that, in the future, multi-asset trading will become a commodity.

Reliability without rigidity:

Traders should be able to test their ideas within a few hours in order to apply them to the market quickly. The scripting mechanism brings the capacity for the traders to use every signal on the markets and to exploit every market opportunity. Horizon Software wants to make those tools being accessible to all traders and not only to those in top tier 1 banks. Horizon Software has already integrated this technology in its environment in order to provide the first trading interface with scripting embedded. Horizon Software will continue to invest on those features in the next years with a dedicated team for it.

Providing a turnkey solution:

Integration with systems is always a pain point and budgets are impacted by having multiple systems to maintain. Horizon Software extended its API catalog to streamline integration. Horizon Software has designed a technical core to welcome some strategic component of its client application with its solutions. Front office technologists can use our solutions to rationalize trading systems. In the future, Horizon Software will go on extending its scope to offer ASP solution.

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