The Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) market has become one of the more recent success stories, with market activity booming over the past 25 years. Many of the big asset managers hold significant market share in ETFs, and have become one of the most used instruments for US retail investors. However, the same cannot be said for the ETF market in Europe and Asia. In this webinar, we discuss the trading dynamics of ETFs and how the market will develop in the near future.

Horirzon Software and The Trade webinar


Topics to be discussed include:

1. What has been the catalyst in the growth of ETF trading in recent years?
2. How is the ETF market impacting other products (eg futures) across all asset classes ?
3. How to replicate the US ETF success story in Europe & Asia ?
4. What are trading dynamics of ETFs ?
5. How will the ETF market become affected by MiFID II?


Joe Parsons (moderator) – editor, The TRADE Derivatives
Vincent Dumontoy, product manager, Horizon Software
Kevin Lee, ETF trader