Our Mission

Our platform provides immediate access to a comprehensive range of features and the ability to execute sophisticated strategies and workflows through powerful customization.

Horizon Software focuses on all trading businesses related to listed markets such as delta-one, structured products and options market making & trading. Combining a complete offer of native trading functionalities within the application and the sophisticated algorithmic capabilities, our clients create, test and implement automated strategies within incredibly short timescales: they trade the way they really want, this – Trade your Way – is our philosophy.

Our Values

We believe in building trustworthy relationships with our clients the same way we do with our people, we are team players. We are proud of what we achieve and are committed to our activities to deliver innovative solutions, by being resourceful and able to make sharp decisions.

A unique trading solution for each business

Automated Trading

Horizon Platform for Automated Trading is a flexible and robust high frequency trading solution that enables buy-side and sell-side institutions to develop and deploy proprietary algorithmic strategies within their EMS.

The platform handles cross-asset and cross-product trading strategies on cash and derivatives markets. This event-driven solution is the perfect choice for high frequency and low-latency algorithmic trading.

DeltaOne Trading

Horizon Platform for DeltaOne Trading allows trading of baskets, delta-1 derivatives or pair trading strategies. This EMS module targets activities such as trading and market making for cash / future / ETF or CFD. Arbitrage strategies based on mean reversion or correlation / index arbitrage are also available.

Position management is easy and automatic. Manual Hedge strategies can be set, including stop-loss feature to prevent missing hedge opportunities.

Options Trading

Horizon Platform for Options Trading is specially designed for options market making or market taking. The trader defines and manages volatility curves within the models available in the system. This volatility curves are automatically or manually implied using semi parametric models, according to the different settings offered by the platform such as put/call range adjustment, addition of external volatility points from lasts or other sources, etc. Real time volatility charts allows to monitor the market. When combined with heat maps, those features are formidable tools to look for some edges. Also, it is possible to model the dynamic of the volatility from the market experience.

Warrants Trading

Horizon Platform for Warrants Trading manages any kind of securities products issued by the bank. This includes warrants, barriers products like CBBCs, but also any investment or leverage vehicles (products). The platform manages the trading life cycle of structured products. It is especially useful when adjusting the margins according to the strategies defined by the business.

Agency Trading

For brokerage houses, Horizon Platform for Agency Trading enables dealing desks to handle from multiple customers through various media such as FIX, phone, files or other protocols using one single OMS platform connected to multiple cash and derivatives execution venues.

Horizon Platform for Agency Trading is based on the global Horizon Platform which is a multi-markets, multi-exchanges, cross-assets order entry and EMS that enables trades of a variety of instruments and markets through a unique, consistent interface.


Handling latency and volume is crucial to gaining competitive advantage. Horizon Connect gateways provide global exchange connectivity to market players ranging from latency-sensitive financial institutions to large market makers seeking high-throughput trading systems. Horizon Software’s products are ready to be used out of the box and are based on a flexible architecture that enables customization of the software to satisfy specific needs and requirements.

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